Youngest Elvis Impersonator You Will Ever See


You may have seen some great impersonators of Elvis Presley but you never saw anyone this young get into it and do it as well as this little girl. This video is funny, charming, shows the special relationship that fathers have with their daughters, and premieres one of the budding talents in the next generation of singers.

Ella Mae is 20 months old. She is sitting in the car facing backward in a child protective seat. She is strapped in but you can see her move her arms and head. Like most little girls of her age Ella Mae just talks all the time.

Ella Mae’s father gets in the car and they head out. Ella Mae is constantly turning her head so she can see her father while she is talking to him. She is a bit squirmy and probably does not care for the child restraint seat that much.

Ella Mae’s father pops in a CD of Elvis Presley singing ‘An American Trilogy.’ For those that do not know the song is a combination of ‘Dixie” and “the Battle Hymn of the Republic’ and is a tribute to the American Civil War.

Once the music starts Ella Mae gets lively. It is truly amazing how much of the words of the song the little girl knows by heart. She bounces around to the music and sings along with every word. Every time Elvis is not singing Ella Mae is saying ‘Daddy.’

Elvis has some stiff competition from this little girl in enthusiasm and form as she bounces around and waves her arms to the music in the car seat. Once the tune is over Ella Mae’s father asks her what she wants to hear next. The kid responds with ‘More Elvis’ without a moment’s thought.

You cannot help but fall in love with little Ella Mae. This cute little video just begs to be shared with everyone that has children or any Elvis fan. Ella Mae makes the video and the song better than Elvis possible could at his best.

Ella Mae’s father obviously loves his daughter and is a natural parent. The man’s patience and kindness are really remarkable. Many men would be a bit put off by the constant repetition of ‘Daddy’ but this man just knows that the little girl loves him and that makes all the difference in the world to him and his daughter.

You really need to share this video with anyone that is a parent. It shows the joy that children can be. More importantly it teaches people how to be a good parent. The real idea here is that the man has developed a mutual interest in something with his daughter when she is only 20 months old. That interest may last a life time and the video is certain to be a family classic for all of Ella Mae’s life.



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