You’ll Wanna Hear This Bird When They Start Playing The Keyboard… Whoa!


Naturally, birds are vocal creatures that have specially enhanced abilities that they use to sing songs. Although not all cockatiels are natural singers (songbirds), many of them have the ability to learn the act of singing.

It is not known where this cockatiel had come to learn how to sing. However, it is obvious that it is a perfect singer. Owing to the environment in which it found himself, this feathered friend must have learnt how to sing melodiously by repetition. Its familiarity with the sound of music must have boosted its singing abilities to this extent.

Indeed, the cockatiel is an amazing singer. It does not only know how to whistle but it is good in singing so sweetly. It has even learnt how to produce its own music by whistling. Standing within an earshot of the sound of music, the skillful cockatiel has familiarized itself with every note and tune coming from the piano. No wonder it has become an important melodious contributor.

The cockatiel has a unique singing prowess. It sings at its own pace but maintains the right key and continues with the best tune. This creature has no lips but beaks but how does it produce such great sound? No doubt, he does possess some unique natural vocal abilities that have enabled him to sing along to a simple tune and mimic sounds so easily.

While his human friend is playing on the piano, he is singing in rhythm with the sound coming out from the speakers on which he stands. Sometimes, he tries to dance to the music. Obviously, he must have learned to sing a dozen songs. At a certain point, the song he sings seemed to be a common or familiar song, however, when he gets to a certain stage, he would stop abruptly and begin a new song.

Although this bird can whistle, he is not a whistling bird; he is a singing bird. He doesn’t whistle songs but sings them as if it were a musical instrument like the flute, saxophone, and oboe. While he loves to hear the sound coming from the speakers of the piano, he also tries to imitate it.
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The most striking thing is the way this feathered animal was so seriously committed to his business and would not like to be disturbed.

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