You Wouldn’t Believe How Many Dogs This Man Has Rescued To Date!


Dog abandonment is causing quite a stir as a huge problem worldwide. Today, it is recorded that the population of homeless animals especially dogs outnumber that of homeless people by 5:1. Even shelters can no longer accommodate these homeless animals because they are too full.

Dogs are usually the last companions to be rescued during any crisis. Due to so many reasons, many dog owners prefer to abandon their dogs, only a little percent of dogs get lost while their owners look for them. This is because many people consider a dog’s life to be insignificant compared to other things they seem to hold so dearly.

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However, here is a man who sees things from a different perspective. Theoklitos Proestakis has got a strong love for stray pups and abandoned dogs. Many people found it difficult to cater for their pets during the Greek financial crisis. With a big heart of compassion, love and care, this man welcomed them to himself with open arms.

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Also known as Takis, Theoklitos who is a professional dentist by profession could no longer hold on to his career seeing the way these pets were left to fend for themselves all by themselves. Instead, he opted to care for them by running a full-time shelter for every abandoned and stray dog he could find roaming the streets. Situated on a 5,200 square meters of land, he named his animal care home Takis Shelter. Most of the dogs accommodated in this shelter were the frustrated one.

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Their condition does not matter at all to Takis because he believes that love will find a way. Currently, more than 200 dogs from different locations have been rescued by Takis. He is so committed and dedicated to helping these poor dogs to the extent that he had to sell both his car and caravan to singlehandedly cater for these forsaken pets. There is hardly a day that he won’t find an abandoned dog.

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He is always at work 27/7 taking care of his pups and posting their photos online to help them find a permanent home with a loving owner. Takis spends about $2,275 to cater for his pups on food and vet. Local authorities are unable and unwilling to support his course, instead, donations come from outside Greece.


Takis who recently launched a fundraising page known as YouCaring was overwhelmed when it surpassed his goal of attaining $1,705 but reached $26,505. With this Takis Shelter is going to the next level!

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