She Thought One Of Her Kittens Went Missing. She Searched Everywhere, And Then…


Watch this cute kitten video. She has four little kittens but can only find three. You won’t believe where she found the cute little white kitten. Cats are known to sleep in some weird places. They usually hide in quiet places where no one can see them. That is exactly what happened to this little kitty. Wait to you see where she decided to take a siesta. The three other cats are visible sleeping on one another. She looks everywhere but the other kitty is nowhere to be found.
The three kittens are seen in this video all napping together. What a funny sight to see. Where was the other kitty. The owner looks everywhere but the little white kitty is nowhere to be found. The little cats all have some white on them but the kitten that hasn’t been found is almost all white. Wait till you see how cute this kitty looks. The kitty when found is upside down with her little white paws sticking straight up into the air.

Watch this video and laugh hard when you see where he ends up. Even when she finds her little kitten his position is still unchanged. Cats are some of the coolest pets you can have. Their quirky little habits bring you great joy and pleasure on a daily basis. When you see this group of small kittens sleeping on the bed you will get such a kick!

Cats are similar to us in their sleeping habits and that’s why you will love this video. LOL as you watch this 36 second video. Check out this cool video as the kitty is found upside down looking to be still asleep. The kitty’s little pink paws are pointing to the sky. Such a peaceful picture of all these kitties. When you see them all sleeping together it is so cozy that it makes you want to lay down and take a nap. When they find her laying on her back in her position it just makes you want to laugh.

The little kittens have been playing hard all day and now watch them as they are all tuckered out. This has got to be one of the cutest kitten videos of all time. You will love this short little video only 36 seconds long. Take a little time out from your hectic schedule and enjoy life a little. Watch as you see that these kittens are similar to us just a lot cuter.

Watch and you will see where the cute little kitty is found. You won’t believe your eyes as the owner finds her cute little kitty buried alive! Nothing phases this kitty because her little paws don’t move as she is found, staying in her unique position. Enjoy this kitty show and share with friends.

Can you see it? Can you see it?

Posted by Kyle and Jackie O on Monday, February 2, 2015

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