You Won’t Believe When You See What’s Happening On The Streets Of Nara!


The city of Nara in Japan has been taken over by a horde of deer and there seems to be more of them than people. It is as if the Major Buck has instructed these deer to explore the world and find a magical place. Nara borders the big city of Kyoto and is also near Osaka.

This city is rich in history and has many treasures including Japan’s oldest temple. You can see them everywhere you go in this city and the deer don’t seem concerned one bit with the cars and buses that pass by. It is as if this horde of deer has taken over by command of Major Buck. The deer are looking for that one special place and they have found it in Nara.

These deer seem to have traveled to this magical city and are enjoying it in a way only deer can do. The horde does not seem to be concerned with the busy streets and just go about their business. They remind you of reindeer who have flown in here to accomplish some kind of mission.
Some of these deer are lying right in the busy streets and appear to not be concerned with the danger all around them by mankind. The deer are so out of their natural environment but are not bothered by the streets they are now living on. Major Buck must have brainwashed them into invading this historic and beautiful city but we will never know exactly why.

The addition of the deer seems to transform the city into a visual exhibit as people come right up to look and study the deer. Some take pictures and one guy even takes his dog right up to meet the deer.
It just seems like a strange place for these deer to live and somebody seems to be indeed controlling them.

These wandering deer actually are allowed to live in the park but have no boundaries so they stray onto the streets of Nara like clockwork every July. Nara was once a major political and capital town so maybe this horde is here to fight for their rights. Their leader seems to be controlling them and the deer really seem to be on a mission. The deer do seem to remain very calm while they are visiting the streets of Nara and really are free to roam from the park that they usually reside in.

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