You Won’t Believe What You Can Do With A Toothpick And A Stick Of Butter


We’ve all experienced the panic of a sudden blackout and many of us lack the necessary survival skills to see ourselves through such a difficult situation. Our lives depend heavily on being able to access electricity and having the necessary supplies on hand to mitigate the effects of a power outage is not something we are all familiar with.

All it takes is a quick three minutes of watching this helpful video for you and your loved ones to learn this very simple trick that will help you to handle your next power outrage. When you need light for your home during an emergency situation, look no further than this clip.

We love to provide users with all sorts of tricks and life hacks, with the objective of helping people through life’s more challenging scenarios. You probably had no idea that the butter you are storing in your fridge to spread across your toast each morning at breakfast can actually help to provide sight for your loved ones in the dark. Before now, that is.

In addition to the toothpick and the stick of butter, you are also going to need a piece of toilet paper. Luckily, most households already have all three of these items present and accounted for. Being able to utilize household staples in a brand new way allows to create a source of light that will burn for hours on end, ensuring that your family is still able to see.

You do not need an entire stick of butter in order to create the innovative source of light, a mere four ounce square will do the trick quite nicely. After procuring your butter square, it is time to lay it on top of the piece of toilet paper.

If you cannot locate a piece of toilet paper, then a piece of paper towel will do the trick. The square of butter is then sliced in half, but this part must be done carefully, since you will tear the paper that the butter is resting upon if you slice too vigorously. Holding both sides as you cut will help.

After you have made the square of butter into two halves, it is time to create the wick for your homemade candle. In order to learn more about the specific instructions for the creation of your makeshift source of light, take a moment to watch the clip and follow the specific instructions that are provided.

The next time you and your loved ones are trapped inside of a dark house during a power outage, all you have to do is remember this simple life hack. Share this awesome trick for keeping your home well lit with your friends on Facebook today!


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