You Won’t Believe What She Thinks Tax Payers Should Give To Her Because She Claims It’s Owed To Her


Debbi Wood has made a name for herself by making ridiculous proclamations and outlandish request. Her long suffering husband has been forced to take daily lie detector tests in order to prove that he is continuing to be faithful to Debbi. She is widely considered to be the most jealous woman in the entire United Kingdom, if not the whole world.

On top of the daily lie detector exam, Debbi also goes through her husband’s phone on a regular basis, just to ensure he is not speaking to another woman. She also checks his email accounts and his bank statements, in an effort to uncover any evidence that suggest he has been spending time with another woman.

Not content to stop there, the zaftig woman has decided that her government should foot the bill for a weight loss surgery. She claims that receiving the surgery will allow her to develop an even greater trust in her husband, as if the constant monitoring of every mode of communication he owns was not already enough.

If all of this is not bad enough, Wood’s husband is forbidden from even checking out a picture of a woman in a magazine or newspaper. Scientists have studied Wood’s behavior, determining that she acts in such a manner because of a delusional disorder known as Othello syndrome.

In her infinite wisdom, Wood has decided that the government owes her a gastric bypass weight loss procedure. She says that losing weight will help to become more confident and alleviate her unfounded fear that her husband is going to leave her.

She believes that her husband will fantasize about other women if she does not get the surgery and sees the procedure as her best opportunity to keep her husband over the long haul. As a result, she has hatched the idea to make the British government pay for her procedure, which she claims will reduce her overall levels of jealousy.

Debbi has spoken about the fact that she has a small frame that carries entirely too much weight to be healthy. She feels like her bones are being crushed by the excess weight and wants to feel confident in her appearance. While it remains to be seen whether the NHS will foot the bill for her cosmetic procedure, the fact that she would even ask should make just about any viewer chuckle.

For her husband’s sake, perhaps it is best that she receive the surgery. It could grant him the ability to use his cell phone and his e-mail account without his wife’s watchful presence looming over him. And who knows? Maybe one day he will be able to read a magazine without triggering a fit of Debbi’s jealousy.

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