You Won’t BELIEVE How Many Dogs This “Beggar” Has Saved From Being Killed.


Jung Myoung Sook is a 61 year old woman from South Korea. She lives in a compound and lives an extremely frugal life. Many people mistake her for a beggar woman. This may be because Jung Myoung Sook lives with 200 dogs! And every one of the dogs she lives with, she rescued from the dog traders in South Korea.

Jung Myoung Sook has been saving dogs nearly 30 years. She lives a very poor life and uses her own money to buy the dogs from the traders.

In South Korea, dog meat is considered a delicacy. It is served in the finer restaurants of the region. But Jung Myoung Sook cannot allow these beautiful and loving creatures to be killed. As animal lovers around the globe know, the dogs are very caring and have personalities. They have become family to her and she uses all her time and all of her resources to secure the dogs.

The compound where Jung Myoung Sook lives is far from any neighborhood. Poverty is evident and the compound is run down by even the darkest standards. She has a mattress to lie on and a leaning board against some wood and concrete to protect her from the elements. Her frugal life barely keeps her and her animals fed. To say that she gives up all of life’s comforts to help the animals that she loves so much is not an exaggeration.

Some people think she is eccentric and silly to live so modestly without the simplest comforts of life while others applaud her selflessness. Jung Myoung Sook does not see herself as a hero. She simply gives up what means little to her to acquire that which means everything to her.

Sook is not alone in her fight for the dogs of South Korea. Animal rights activist from all over the world are fighting the meat-market in this region that produce and kill dogs for food. The dogs that are destined to end up on someone’s dinner plate often live brutally cruel lives. They are not regarded as being living creatures. They are meat and as such all that matters is the quality of their meat. If they are injured or even tortured, it makes little difference to the owners as long as it does not affect their meat.

Let us hope that more people like this lovely lady will stand up for the forgotten animals and soon there will be an end to their pain.

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