You May Think This Lady With 1,100 Cats Is Crazy, But Wait Till You See The House


Women who have an affinity for felines and have more than one in their hone are often called “cat ladies”. But these women have absolutely nothing on the lady in this clip, as she currently provides room and board to over one thousand cats, with nary a complaint.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. She houses 1,000 cats and is considered to have one of the largest cat sanctuaries in the world, if not the largest. Her name is Lynea Lattanzio and depending on how you feel about cats, you may see her lifestyle as a nightmare or a dream come true.
We tend to lean towards the latter in this particular instance. Lynea also has a surprising amount of self awareness when it comes to her unique lifestyle. She knows that she ranks at the top of the list and that she just might be the craziest cat lady in the entire world. But this piece of knowledge does not deter her commitment towards these amazing animals.

When asked why she is responsible for this many cats, she gives a very simple and straightforward answer: she appreciates them for their independence and grace. She also enjoys being able to watch them in action on a daily basis. While some might think she is deranged or has several screws loose, she seems to be a normal, well adjusted woman who genuinely enjoys the company of felines.

If only there were more people like Lynea in the world. If there were, we would not have to see so many innocent animals suffer without a home and there would be far less cats being put to sleep at the local animal shelter each week. Just think: if there were even ten other people on the planet like Lynea, over 10,000 cats would be saved from euthanization.

Are you impressed with the fact that she has over 1,000 cats living with her at the present moment? Then you might just want to try on this little factoid for size: Lynea has cared for and housed over 28,000 cats during the course of her life. While there are no official statistics kept about these matters, we’d have to believe that this would be some sort of record.

To learn more about Lynea and the unique connection that she shares with these cats, be sure to watch this incredible clip. And don’t be shy about passing it along to your friends and family when you are finished!

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