Once You See These Gorgeous Photos, You’ll Probably Never See Pigeons The Same Way Again.


There are a wide variety of pigeons in the wild that are remarkably beautiful, and once you see them, you will never see pigeons in the same way again:

  1. Nicobar pigeon.

The Nicobar pigeon can be found in small islands and coastal regions. They are of the Caloenas nicobararica family. This beautiful creature is originally of the Nicobar Islands and is the only surviving member of the Caloenas family and the closest relative of the extinct dodo still alive. It is considered as a nomadic bird because it travels from one island to another in search of food during the day. Their head, upper neck plumage, are grey. They are also known for having beautiful, and glittering feathers. Fascinating right?

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  1. Fruit pigeon

The fruit doves, or fruit pigeons, are species from the dove (Columbidae) and pigeon (Ptilinopus) families. These remarkably colorful and frugivorous birds can be found in the forests and woodlands of Southeast Asia and Oceania. There are about 50 species of this dove, some of which are threatened or already extinct due to extensive hunting. They are small in size with short fan-shaped tails. They also known for their colorful and glossy plumage. Fruit pigeons are difficult to track due to their shy nature and because they live in remote places. Beautiful right?

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  1. The bleeding-heart dove

The bleeding-heart dove is technically regarded as a pigeon. These lovely birds are from the Philippines. They are from the Columbidae family. Their name is derived from the vivid-red patch on their breast. This red spot looks like a bleeding wound or a dagger stab in some species. This beautiful creature is nearly extinct due to extensive hunting.

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  1. Rainbow pigeon

This colorful and awesome creature is known as the rainbow pigeon. Unlike other pigeons, they do not like people much. They will usually fly off when you get too close to them. Which is a shame, as you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to have a closer look at this gorgeous bird.

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  1. Pink-neck green pigeon

The pink-necked green pigeon is found in Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore. They are of the Treron vernans species of pigeons. This fascinating bird is originally from the tropical moist lowland forests, tropical mangrove forests, and tropical moist montane forests. The males are the only ones blessed with the awesome colors from their name (pink-necked green) while the females are plain green. Still, they look fabulous.

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