You’ve Seen Dog Reunions Before But NOTHING Like This One… OMG!


If there was ever a video on the Internet that will make you want to make sure you never lose your dog, this one is it. A Shiba Inu was picked up on the border of Garden Grove and Westminster over 20 days ago. The owner didn’t know anything about WAGS and instead, had been going to the county shelter every single day, looking for his buddy.

There were flyers up all over town, and even a reward was being offered. The owner wanted his dog back so badly, but he couldn’t seem to find him.

Meanwhile, plenty of people were coming in, trying to adopt a dog. This went on for a little over three weeks, and the dog was never able to make a connection with anyone. It was as if the dog would not even accept the fact that his dad had left him. He wanted to escape, and it was very clear that he wanted to return to his owner.
Everyone at the shelter realize that the dog was on a mission and was obviously looking for someone each time he was let out of the kennel.

The video shows the man finally coming into the right place. The dog was crying and leaping into his dad’s arms, and it is enough to bring a tear to your eye or at least a good case of goosebumps.

“Dad! Dad! Take me home! Let’s go, let’s go!” Can you not see the dog saying these words? He wants to get out of there so bad, and it really is no surprise. He wants to be home with his family, and wants to get out of this kennel as quickly as possible.

Kennels can be pretty scary for dogs because there are so many other dogs that are crying and barking in carrying on. A sweet dog like this Shiba Inu was probably terrified – but he doesn’t have to be any longer.

There are a lot of different dog reunion videos out there, but this one with the Shiba Inu is perhaps one of the best ones there is. Watch the video because it will make you smile for the day – and it is under a minute long.

THIS IS WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO!! This Shiba Inu was brought in 22 days ago as a stray on the border of Westminster and Garden Grove. Her owner had no idea that WAGS even existed and had been going to the county shelter EVERY DAY to look for his buddy. He had fliers up everywhere and even was offering a reward! We had so many people come in and want to adopt this dog over the last 3 weeks, but he NEVER made a connection with ANYONE! He was constantly trying to escape from us and his entire purpose while he was here was to get back to his owner. All of us here were in agreement that he was "looking for someone" every time he was out of his kennel. Well last night, we found who he was looking for! BEST REDEMPTION MOMENT EVER!!

Posted by WAGS ~ Westminster Adoption Group and Services on Saturday, March 5, 2016

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