You Need To See This 184-Year-Old Tortoise Getting His First Bath, Trust Me


Tortoises have some of the longest life spans on our planet and our friend Jonathan here is no different. Would you believe that he is 184 years young? This is a tortoise that has lived through quite a few historical events. He has been around a long time and seen a lot during his long, illustrious existence, but he has never, ever had a bath before.

184 years is one heck of a long time to go without being bathed, but fortunately for us, Plantation House at St Helena Island decided to break the animal’s bizarre streak and brought along a camera, for the whole world to see.
The historic event took place on March 19, 2016. Dr. Joe Hollins was given the important responsibility of washing the national treasure and he was certainly up to the task. As the bath begins, we can hear the sound of Joe scrubbing and we can only imagine how much dirt and grime has been allowed to build up on the creature as nearly two centuries have gone by.

We can barely imagine going a day without bathing, let alone hundreds of years. From the looks of it, Jonathan is even cracking a smile as Joe sets about the task of bathing the enormous tortoise. We can think of much worse ways to spend a day than being personally bathed in the great outdoors, while the birds and crickets chirp.

All it takes is a small amount of scrubbing from Dr. Hollins and the difference becomes evident. We are able to see the patch on Jonathan’s back where Joe successfully removed centuries’ worth of dirt and build up. While he cannot tell us himself, we would be willing to bet that Jonathan is very grateful to Joe for taking the time to provide him with a much needed bath.

The tortoise seems to understand that this is being done for his own good and he remains still while Joe is conducting his handiwork. Those who own pets who refuse to sit still and allow themselves to be cleaned may be jealous of just how relaxed Jonathan is during the process.
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