Woman Who Threw Puppy From Car Goes To Jail


Alsu Ivanchenko is a 35-year-old woman who lives in New York. A year ago, Snowflake – her 1-pound Maltese/Shih Tzu puppy was diagnosed with a broken leg at an animal clinic where she had brought her for treatment. According to prosecutors, Ivanchenko who bluntly refused to treat Snowflake decided to stuff her into a black disposable bag and threw her away like trash.

Snowflake is a 3 months old baby dog whose case became critically grew worse when she was flung out from a car window a year ago. The impact of this merciless act damaged the tiny dog’s brain and cracked her skull. Even during the court session, Alsu Ivanchenko who was so indifferent made no attempt to apologize for her wrong doing, talk more of say sorry.


Before the sentence was pronounced for her bastardly act in court, Ivanchenko was asked if she had got anything to say, all she could do was to shake her head reluctantly. According to the Saten Island Advance reports, Alsu Ivanchenko who abandoned Snowflake in a shopping bag by the railroad tracks for dead was unapologetic for the heinous crime she had committed a year ago.


According to her, she was unable to treat her puppy dog when it was diagnosed with a broken leg because of the high cost involved. She told police officers that she had no other option than to put the innocent puppy into a bag and dispose it on the side of the road because she could not afford to pay for its treatment.


However, it was later revealed by the authorities that Ivanchenko would later get a replacement for Snowflake by buying a new puppy. Thanks to the good Samaritans who discovered dying Snowflake who had at this time developed crusted, bloodied eyes, brain trauma and two fractures in her skull coupled with the initial broken leg she had had.


Due to the severity of the tiny pup’s injuries, euthanasia was initially recommended by a neurological veterinarian which would have been the ultimate solution if not for the relentless efforts of caregivers at Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Northeast, South Shore Animal Hospital and the ASPCA that spurred Snowflake to a remarkable recovery who is now doing well in an adopted home and is happy again.  she was adopted into a loving home where she’s reportedly “doing great” and “quite happy.”

As for Ivanchenko who is currently serving a one-year jail term, she is barred from owning a pet for 15 years and ordered to pay a restitution fee of $21,795 to the ASPCA.

For her crimes, Ivanchenko was sentenced to a year in jail on Monday and ordered to pay $21,795 in restitution to the ASPCA. Additionally, Ivanchenko is barred from owning a companion animal for 15 years and must register with New York City’s new animal abuse registry for five years.

To learn more about helping pass tougher animal protection laws, visit the ASPCA’s website here.

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