Woman Travels 1,500 Miles And Pays $1,100 To Save 100 Dogs From Dog-Meat Festival


As most of us already know, the consumption of dogs is commonplace in China. Cats are eaten, as well, and crafting a cuisine out of either animal is not against the law.

The nation even has an entire festival that has been dedicated to eating dogs, which is certainly a disturbing trend for those of us who shudder at the thought of eating our best friends.

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Each year, the festival results in the capture and consumption of at least 10,000 dogs. This type of massacre can be tough to stomach, no pun intended. According to people with knowledge of the process, the dogs experience inhumane treatment during their capture and the cooking process.

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But all Chinese citizens are not in favor of this festival of cruelty. Earlier this year, one lone Chinese woman decided to make a difference. She traveled halfway across one of the world’s largest countries and spent over $1,000 of her own money to save over 100 dogs who were destined for someone’s dinner plate.

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Dogs are typically captured and stuffed into cages during the lead up to the festival. They are placed in these cages with no regard for their health or safety and these conditions are deplorable, to say the least. Seeing pictures of these dogs who are waiting to be slaughtered is heartbreaking.

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The rescuer’s name is Yang Xiaoyun and she works with the Common Home. The Common Home is currently providing shelter for at least 1,000 dogs, in an effort to keep them safe from the Chinese slaughterhouses.

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The home runs off of the donations that are provided by animal lovers all over the country. Yang’s work is done out of love for these animals and a sincere wish that festivals like these could finally become a thing of the past.

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She cooks for the animals, purchases treats and will contact visitors who are interested in stopping by to help with the needy pups.

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It is Chinese tradition to prepare and consume these dogs and like any tradition that is firmly entrenched in a nation’s culture, it has been slow to change. Yang’s good deeds are done to provide these animals and the nation of China with hope.

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She is an inspiration to animal lovers everywhere. Share this story to raise awareness about the plight of these pets. You can donate to Yang’s cause and help bring this tradition to a merciful end.


UPDATE: According to this blog, you can donate to Xiaoyun here:

Direct Bank Wire Transfer to Ms. Yang’s Bank

Name: Commercial Bank of China (中国工商银行)

Bank Account City: Tianjin (开户城市-天津)

Bank Account No.: 0302845001009282956

Account Name: Ai Yun YANG (杨爱云)

Xiaoyun Yang’s Cell Phone: 13164073263

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