A Woman Started A Senior Dog Retirement Home For The Unwanted Senior Dogs.


Have you ever heard about a retirement place for senior pets? No? So, House with a Heart is the name you have to memorize. And trust me; you really need to watch the inspirational story of the amazing human beings who created this organization. This house was created to take care of old pets and, also, to answer the needs of the pets that suffer from chronic diseases. This is the last home for those animals, the place where they can have the best treatment and to have a happy ending.

Is your dog running slowly? Is your dog taking a long time to stand up and to sit down? Does he remains inactive and seems unusually sleepy all the time? If the answer is yes, these may be the signs that your dog is aging. Like humans, dogs also face some health problems when they age. These signs should be taken seriously as they can be dangerous for pets.

Senior dogs need care and attention: a good level of hygiene and comfort provided to the dog is very important, special nutrition (sometimes it is necessary to give special food to the elderly dog, due to health problems that may have appeared), and finally, you have to redouble the care (going to the vet more often, examinations, treatments, etc…)

In recent years, the life expectancy of pets has increased a lot due to better nutrition, health care, and hygiene, which however allows dogs to develop more diseases typical of older dogs due to the fact that they live longer. Thus, it became necessary to develop a branch of veterinary medicine which is dedicated specifically to the elderly dog – geriatric veterinary medicine.

Also, pet’s immune system becomes weaker, which helps the spread of disease. For this reason, elderly pets require more attention and in House with a Heart they give them all the attention and the best medicine for each condition.

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House with a Heart is essentially a home for animals that need a shelter and more important, for the pets that need love! Watching this video will warm your heart and you will be inspired by the existence of people who give without asking for anything in return. Do not forget that the well-being of an animal should be preserved forever.

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