This Woman Starts Grabbing And Petting A Dog, But She Didn’t Realize THIS… Uh Oh!


These dogs are specially trained to assist someone who is in need of assistance. Service dogs can be a very big help in getting people around safely. The dogs are trained in many areas of expertise on helping out around the house, guiding their owners safely, opening doors, etc. The owners rely and trust the dogs with their everyday activities.

Service dogs are a very important part of some people’s lives. If people are blind or unable to move around a lot they might have a service dog. Service dogs can help people with picking things up, opening doors, etc. These dogs are very smart and it took many hours of training for them to be able to do this.
When you see someone with a service dog you usually want to go up and pet it. You shouldn’t do this because it can distract the dogs away from their owners. Their owners need to have the dogs be focused on them 24/7 in case they need assistance. When the dog is distracted it is not able to help the people in need of its help.

The dog may seem really friendly and it usually is but that is still not a reason to go up and pet it. You need to resist the urge to pet the dog no matter how cute it is because you are taking someone’s helper away. The dog is on a mission and when you distract it, the mission will not be carried out.

Service animals are very important to peoples well beings. When people are working with their service dog the dog devotes all of its attention towards its owner. It is very important for the owner and the dog that the dog stays on task and is paying attention to the owners commands.
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Overall service dogs are a very important part to many people’s lives. When someone has a disability that requires a service dog most to all of their trust is put towards these dogs. Although the dogs may see cute and very friendly it is important to always remember that they are on the clock and you should never bother or distract them.

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