Woman Shares Startlingly Different Pictures of Her Battle With Meth to Show You One Thing


An unmanned woman credits her dog named Rockdog with her recovery from a self-destructive and debilitating methamphetamine addiction. The before and after photos are a phenomenal expression of self-control and the results of recovery from one of life’s many devastating problems. The woman calls herself LostWingnut.
The first photo shows an emaciated girl of 19 with dyed red hair smoking a cigarette. She really does look bad. Her face is speckled with breakouts and the beginnings of scarring. Her face is wrinkled like an old woman at the age of 19. She does not appear to care about how her clothes look or fit.

LostWingnut says that she woke up one day when she was 22 years of age, looked in the mirror, and decided what she saw was not what she wanted to be. She says emphatically that this was her moment of awakening and that despite hardships and temptations she has not gone back to her former addiction in eight and one-half years.

The first thing LostWingnut did in her own personally developed program of recovery was to get a dog. She named the dog Rockdog. She credits her love for the dog and the dog’s love for her as the beginning of a tremendous change in her life. The woman and the dog spent a year hitching across the United States.
The second photo shows LostWingnut at 27 years of age with her 2-year-old daughter. The change is so dramatic that it is startling and hardly believable.

The woman looks good. Her complexion is pink and healthy, her hair is a normal shade of brown blonde, and she is dressed nicely. The little girl is a charmer with her laughing smile.

This is a unique and incredible transformation. The woman does not mention any recovery program as being of assistance to her. She credits the dog as her support and inspiration.

LostWingnut now has a degree in accounting and is working off a massive student debt. Her writing and the way she expresses herself show that she is happy, ambitious, and strong. One is led to believe that her now three-year-old daughter is a much added incentive to staying free from drugs.

LostWingnut posted her before and after photos and her story at the Imgur website in the hopes of inspiring other people dealing with addiction or any of life’s difficulties. You can overcome anything. You might need a dog to help but it can be done. LostWingnut is living proof.
This is a testament to the vitality of the human spirit. Even from the depths of a severe addiction one young woman made dramatic and successful changes in her life just by deciding to change her life.

Most addicts wallow in denial or fail in their efforts to seek help from recovery programs.

LostWingnut is living proof that anyone can overcome an addiction or any horror that life throws at them. Her message is simple and easy to use. Find something to love and something that loves you.

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