With No Machine And Just 2 Ingredients – Her Recipe For Ice Cream Is Absolute Perfection


There is no better summer treat than homemade ice cream! The following video shows how to make a wonderful ice cream base using only two ingredients and a standard mixer. You simply whip cream until it is thick and add sweetened condescended milk. Now mix again until it is thick and creamy. Now this is you base ice cream. Flavor, the label and freeze! The fun part is you can use this base with anything to customize your own flavors. Do not be afraid to try new flavors. Cookies and cakes crumbled in with sugars, nuts, marshmallows and candy. Add ribbons of syrups to create a ripple effect. You can purchase ice cream containers at most cake stores but you can also buy them online. Add your own label and you have a unique treat for dinner guest. These make a great shower or party treat and a wonderful gift. Customize for holidays by adding peppermint or fruits for a Christmas treat. Caramel, butterscotch and gingerbread make great fall goodies.

Here are a few tips to make this fun and successful.

• Do not over mix your flavors. You want swirls of flavors not blended flavors.

• Go light with adding ingredients and add more if needed. This is a rich cream and you do not want to overpower the flavor of your base.

• Leave enough room at the top of the container to spoon in fruit or whipped cream – do not fill all the way to the top

• Write the date on the bottom of the container if you are giving this away as a gift.

• Wrapping the entire container in colored cellophane wrap keeps the ice cream fresh longer in the freezer and adds to the look of a gift.

• You can eat directly from the container, but if you want to remove the entire cup of ice cream, set the ice cream in the container down in warm water for a moment to loosen it. Then turn it over on a dish.

• If you use a “Pringles” can to store your homemade ice cream in, you can slice it in the can, then remove the perfect slices and serve between two large cookies for a great homemade ice cream sandwich.

This is a fun and easy idea that is only limited by your imagination. Have fun with it and have a great summer!

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