With Just A Few Frozen Water Bottles And $8, He Turns A Water Cooler Into Something Genius!


Inventive genius driven by necessity is everywhere. This guy comes up with a working air conditioner that costs about eight dollars. All you need is a Styrofoam cooler, a few bottles of frozen water, two metal clothes dryer vents, and a fan. The video shows an air temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit coming out of this cheap air conditioner. The temperature is so low at the outlet so that the cool air can cool down a fairly large room. This beats paying the electric company a fortune when the weather turns too hot to handle.

You need to collect all of the parts first.

Trace the bottom flange (the circular part) of each dryer vent on the ends of the Styrofoam cooler. You want the vents to be about four inches from the end of the top of the water cooler. This will allow the cooler to support the weight of the vents without breaking and produces the highest rate of air flow.

Trace the face (front end) of the fan onto the cooler lid in the center of the lid.

Cut the tracings that you made for the dryer vents and fan out of the cooler lid. Discard the parts you cut out. You want to cut the hole for the fan smaller than the fan by about one inch on each side so that the cooler lid will support the fan.

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the little bits of Styrofoam that are left on the holes you cut out of the cooler lid. This extra step keeps you from blowing Styrofoam bits all over the place.

Fit the dryer vents into the holes you cut for them. The vents should be placed deep enough to have the flange on the vents sitting on top of the cooler lid. Both vents should face in the same direction.

Test the air flow by placing the fan on top of the cooler lid so that it is flat on the lid and the cooler lid is on the cooler like it normally would be if the cooler is closed. You can use a few pieces of cellophane taped to the exits of the dryer vents to see how the air flow works. You can also just use your hand to feel how much air is coming out of the vents.

Put bottles of water in the freezer. Let the bottles freeze solid. You can use water bottle sized bottles or half-gallon sized bottles. Larger frozen bottles last longer but a group of smaller bottles may provide a lower temperature. Ice packs or the blue camping coolers also work very well for this air conditioner.

Put the frozen water bottles in the cooler. The more bottles you use the longer you will get cold air. You need to adjust the size of the fan to fit a large cooler that can hold a lot of frozen water bottles. It is a good idea to keep spare bottles in the freezer so that changing the bottles in the cooler does not mean you get hot.

Put the lid back on the cooler. Place the fan on the hole you cut for it and turn on the fan.

You may have to wait a few minutes but you should get a temperature of around 50 degrees Fahrenheit in less than ten minutes.

The entire process may take you about 20 minutes and costs around eight dollars. That beats paying a few hundred dollars for a room air conditioner.

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