Wise little Girl Gives Up Her Christmas To Help Homeless Dogs


We all know how important Christmas time is for kids, and how much they enjoy. We can even go as far as to say that some kids wait the whole year for Christmas, just so that they can get their presents, eat Christmas dinner and be with their families.

But some kids don’t see Christmas like that, some kids see it as an excellent opportunity to help others out and to makes this world a better place. A lot of people already help the homeless on Christmas, and we see it on the news every single year.

Who helps those that can’t ask for help or describe their own situation to anyone else? Who helps the animals that love us and that live among us, without asking for anything in return? This year, the answer was Elcie-May Deakin-Walley.

Her Christmas list wasn’t filled up with toys and dolls, it was filled up with wishes to help those in need: the dogs at the local shelter. Her Christmas list was all about dog food, supplies and blankets for the dogs.


Elcie-May is clearly an amazing girl, and her devotion to our fellow animals shouldn’t be strange at all, taking into account that she already has three dogs at home to keep her company. According to Elcie-May herself, she wants to grow up to work with animals in the future, by being a veterinarian or a dog trainer.
As soon as her parents saw what she wanted for Christmas, they decided to play along and to help those poor dogs in need, while they’re waiting for a forever home. Elcie-May printed flyers, talked to people and even sold bracelets to get more money to buy things for the dogs.

She got over 330 pounds of food, blankets and supplies for the dogs. We’re pretty sure they never had such an amazing Christmas day.

At the end of it all, Elcie-May isn’t even looking back at what she did, she is looking forward for next Christmas, as she wants to do more for the dogs at the local shelter. She now wants to help with the beading as this is what they are desperately in need of at the shelter.

If she managed to raise so much stuff on her own this year, we can only imagine how much she can do until next Christmas.

Elcie-May, we wish you the best of luck! You have our support.

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