Wildlife Researchers In Africa Just Discovered The Rarest Creature On The Planet!


For most of us, it is hard to catch a glimpse of wild animals up close. As a result, wildlife preservations offer us the opportunity to take a closer look and the results of their findings are often incredible, exposing us to new and interesting creatures that we did not even know existed.


While there are certainly no guarantees when it comes to the presence of these animals when we arrive at the wildlife sanctuaries where they are kept, the moments when they decide to make an appearance are some of the most jaw dropping experiences that a human being can ever witness.


This story is about a preservation in Tanzania that houses numerous giraffes. The giraffes are studied for scientific purposes while living here and they are given a great quality of life. Giraffes are known for being tall and majestic animals that are more than worthy of our attention, but the giraffe you are about to meet definitely stands out from the crowd.

The giraffe’s name is Omo and Omo is the only known white giraffe that is currently in existence. Her white skin was actually caused by a mutation and contrary to popular belief, she is not an albino. If she were an albino, she would have red eyes, due to a lack of pigmentation.


She is actually leucistic. This means that some of the animal’s cell are incapable of producing the same pigmentation that gives giraffes their usual coloration. She is certainly paler than her peers, but some of her spots still remain visible.


The rest of her herd has no problems with her unique appearance and while some might be skeptical about their continued acceptance of Omo, they consider her to be one of their own and have had no issues with her uniqueness. She travels with them, eats with them and shares their grounds.


The worst part of all, though? Her appearance makes it much more difficult for her to remain safe when big game hunters are in the area. With any luck, the rest of her giraffe family and the researchers who have been tasked with keeping her safe are able to ensure her continued protection.


This beautiful animal deserves to live out the rest of her life without being afraid. Let’s hope that she is able to do just that. If you’ve never seen a white giraffe before (and who has?), then take time out to share away!

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