Why This Mommy Dog Hides Her Babies In The Wall Will Make You Cry


It does not matter where you live around the globe, sadly there are puppy mills. Sometimes the owners begin as breeders, but then greed takes over and soon the love of money supersedes everything; including common decency.

Two women found a puppy mill in New South Wales, Australia where poor defenseless dogs were being treated inhumanely. They reported it to the proper authorities. More than sixteen dogs were removed from the puppy mill and the owner dealt with. They were informed of the law and the animal welfare standards required of them. The women hoped this would be the end of that story.


They returned sometime later and were horrified to see the puppy mill back in business and the conditions more dangerous and sickening than before! The pen was rat infested and the dogs were sickly and forced to lie in their own waste. Their fur was filthy and matted and in some places it had fallen out. The dogs were weak and cold. The stench of feces and urine was overpowering. The animals had nothing to keep them warm and they were housed in a large cardboard box with not bedding what-so-ever.


The women noticed a Beagle eyeing them and she seemed to be worried that they would be danger. As they got closer they heard the whimper of a puppy. Looking around they saw no puppies. They followed the sounds and noticed a piece of plaster that was loose. Pulling the plaster out, they were able to see a litter of Beagle puppies hidden in the crawl space. The mother dog had hidden them to keep them warm and safe from the other dogs. The mother dog watched them closely but showed no aggression. She seemed to accept that they meant her no harm.


Not wanting to be charged with theft, they had no choice but to leave the puppies, but they gathered enough evidence to report them to the authorities a second time and get the puppy mill closed down permanently.


No doubt these beautiful Beagles will be able to find a home with loving human parents that will love them as much as their own Beagle mommy; who chanced it all to protect them.


Let us all hope that the owners of the puppy mill were prosecuted to the fullest measure of the law!

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