Why This Emaciated Mommy Dog Is Digging A Hole Will Break Your Heart


Animals who are pregnant have a hard enough time dealing with all of their attendant responsibilities and homeless animals are especially susceptible to difficulties. Having a litter of little puppies to deliver and no safe place in which to do it can be very stressful.

When stray animals have become pregnant and have no place to go, the undue pressure can cause them to have miscarriages and their lack of nutrition leads to extreme emaciation. A mother who cannot locate adequate nutrition during a pregnancy is going to struggle to bring her children into the world, no matter what the species.

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The stray dog in this story was encountering difficulties and did not have a place to birth her puppies. She was not eating on a regular basis and as a result, she had become very weak. As a result, she found a spot by some construction equipment and decided to dig a hole for herself, in hopes of ensuring her babies’ future.


The Arizona sun can be harsh and unforgiving, so this mother needed to find shelter quickly. Her fur coat was matted down, as a result of these intense conditions and pieces of wire and debris had become entangled in her fur, as well.


She was living a miserable life when she was finally found by the construction crew at her new makeshift home. They immediately took pity on her and set about the task of digging her out, using their bare hands to do so. One of the workers’ wives thought it would be best if they contacted the animal rescue group known as Paws Rescue AZ, to see if they could offer any more help to the pregnant pooch.

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The rescue team drove to the animal in 106 degree heat and did everything in their power to make her comfortable. While they were prepared for the absolute worst, the mother dog was successfully rescued, in addition to all four of her puppies. After the amazing rescue, the animals were taken to a local shelter, in order to begin the process of recovery.


Mama dog is now known as Stormy. Stormy and her babies now reside in a foster home, where she and the puppies will rest and regain their health. Once the puppies are old enough, they are going to be sent to forever homes of their own. Be sure to share this incredible story, everyone.

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