Why In The World Is This Man Pouring Water Into A Diaper?


You either have a green thumb or not. For many people, they have what’s known as a black thumb because they will kill anything within a one mile radius of them. You may know about the basics of gardening. Seeds go into a pile of dirt. After that, the watering schedule can become a little unsteady because you forget. Plants get under watered for a week straight and when you do finally remember, you over water to make up for all of that last time. All of your bad gardening is going to go away once you learn this trick. It’s an amazing trick and now I’m proud to say that I have one of the greenest thumbs around!

This man took a diaper out of all things as a way of helping him water his plants. The diaper is used to create a gardening gel. It’s environmentally friendly and completely non-toxic. You wouldn’t expect a diaper, which is meant to go on the butts of babies, to help you with gardening. A diaper is able to hold a lot of fluid. Instead of holding the fluid it was built to use, however, it’s going to hold water this time. If you rip open the diaper and put the contents in the bowl after adding some water onto the diaper, you will see that it is kind of gooey – and still able to hold some more water. You can then shift the contents into a Ziploc bag for an ice pack that won’t leak. But wait! How is it going to help with gardening? When you use the contents of the diaper for your watering, you can cut your watering schedule in half. You don’t have to color the contents of the diaper and if you do, it could have an impact on what the plants look like as they grow.

The size of the diaper has an impact on how much hydrogel can be made. If you use an adult diaper (like Depends), then you can make 12 cups of this gel. Once you have the gel made, then you can mix it up with the soil. All of this moisture is going to be a great way to plant anything – from herbs to veggies to flowers.
This is one of the coolest tricks I’ve seen and what I love most about it is that by the time it’s all mixed with the soil, no one would ever know that you started out with a diaper. It’s a great way to keep the moisture in the soil so the plants thrive.

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