Man Who Lost Vision in His Eye Adopts One-Eyed Puppy. These Amazingly Adorable Photos Will Melt Your Heart


Jordan Trent was all of 15 years old when he experienced a severe injury to his eye while doing some routine yard work. A shard of metal became wedged in his eye and despite the best efforts of the doctors, they were unable to save it.

He has dealt with this loss well and has still managed to carve out a great life for himself. While most people were more uncomfortable with the situation than him, he learned how to make jokes and put them at ease. Soon, everyone forgot that he even had a problem in the first place.

Jordan was blessed with a beautiful wife and two wonderful children. He was the market one day with his children, when they came across a basket of puppies for sale.


He had no immediate plans of purchasing a pet, but when his kids found a one eyed puppy that no one else seemed to want, they told their father that he needed to provide a home to this kindred spirit.

Jordan brought the puppy home and named her Shiner, after his favorite brand of beer. From there, the dynamic duo have begun to go viral, as everyone passes around this amazing story.

Their adorable photos are on full display, so please check them out!


This poor puppy was lucky to find Jordan, since most families will typically adopt the dog that has two working eyes, if all other factors are equal. This little lady watched fearfully as her brothers and sisters were adopted and she was repeatedly left behind.

It is hard to argue that these two were not meant for each other. Without Jordan, Shiner would have faced a very difficult to finding a forever home and it is unclear what her fate would have been.


Once Jordan’s wife started snapping photos of her husband and their new pet and posting them on her Instagram page, it was only a matter of time before the world fell in love with their unique bond. Jordan and this precious pup now share a connection that cannot be duplicated.

This is a match sent straight from heaven and while Jordan had not planned on adopting a pet anytime soon, the lure of Shiner proved to be far too much to resist.


This beautiful story needs to be shared, especially by those who believe that every dog has the perfect match out there somewhere, waiting for them.


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