Dog Who Lost Her Paws Runs To Meet Her New Family


Those who remember the tragic tale of Chi Chi (a dog who was saved from becoming meat on a Chinese market) will be glad to hear that she is still and alive. Her story is an example of all the good that can come our way when we are able to put out adverse circumstances behind us and focus on the future.


As a result of the horrific treatment that this animal experienced, she was forced to lose all of her legs. They had to be amputated, so that she would have any sort of hope of living a normal life. While most of us would not be able to survive these circumstances, Chi Chi was able to thrive.

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Her stumps are preserved with bandages, so that she can get around easily, without rubbing the bottom of her legs raw. She is always kept comfortable and and can get around in a fairly normal fashion. She has not let these experiences dampen her spirit one bit and we are inspired by her journey.

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Once Chi Chi learned how to get around on her own, she headed to Arizona, to start a new life. A loving family decided to adopt her and provide her with the forever home that had always eluded her. Chi Chi had missed out on so much in her short life and they were ready to help her make up for lost time.

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Their hearts were melted when she first arrived at the home and was pleasantly surprised to find a grassy lawn. As hard as this may be to believe, she had never seen grass before she came to Arizona. Stories like this truly make you stop and think about all the unfortunate animals who live their entire lives without finding love.

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Chi Chi even has two awesome siblings to share her life with now: Happy and Kipper, who were also given a second chance by The Beagle Freedom Project. Chi Chi also has her own wish list on Amazon, so that people can send her gifts and toys. With the help of her new family, she has slowly eased her way into a much healthier existence.

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While some might say that she is getting spoiled absolutely rotten, we would argue that few living creatures deserve the attention more than Chi Chi does. If you agree, then be sure to share this incredible story with your friends and loved ones.



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