Ex-SeaWorld Employee Gives Chilling New Details About Orca Mistreatment


Over the past few years, a number of former SeaWorld employees have felt compelled to speak out about the atrocities that they witnessed during their tenure with the company. Yet another employee has made the decision to come forward and reveal further details about the way animals are treated during their stay at the park.


Sarah Fischbeck joined SeaWorld right after her high school graduation in 2007. She was hired as a water quality diver at the San Diego SeaWorld and spent six years working for the company. Sarah worked at a variety of jobs across numerous departments. She was responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of animal tanks and dove with the animals on a regular basis.

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However, her duties also allowed her to bear witness to the seamy underbelly of SeaWorld. As a result of her findings, she made the decision to voluntarily leave the company in 2013. She believes that if the public knew what she knew, no one would ever buy another ticket to the park again.


Numerous animals begin to fight each other, as a means of coping with the stress of captivity. According to Sarah, the orca whales had it the worst. During her dives into the bottom of these animals’ tanks, she would regularly find strips of skin that the animals had torn from one another while doing battle.

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SeaWorld trainers are aware of these fights and are not doing anything about them. Sarah says that some SeaWorld divers even bring home the strips of whale skin as souvenirs for their families. The orca whales also resort to tearing apart birds to release their frustration. Even divers were not kept safe, as the whales would regularly attempt to attack them.

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Sarah also reports that the animals are drugged, so that they are kept calm. The whales even turn against their own calves and have been known to murder their own young. The penguins, on the other hand, are much sweeter animals. But their enclosure provides them with no protection and the penguins are poisoned by the items that careless humans throw into their area.

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Fischbeck’s allegations have been refuted by SeaWorld and called a complete distortion of the facts. Aimée Jeansonne Becka is one of SeaWorld’s senior directors and she has taken great pains to point out that SeaWorld is subject to the regulations of the federal government.


While Sarah has escaped and used most of her savings to get back on her feet, the park’s animals are not so lucky. Share this story to spread awareness about what is taking place at SeaWorld.



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