Where They Found This Dog Is SICK. But Nothing Has Ever Grabbed My Heart Like The End.


This is the story of a puppy named Duffy. Videos like these offer a terrifying glimpse into the life of dogs like Duffy, who are born into an awful existence. They are forced to live in dirty and dingy puppy mills, where disease runs rampant and animals often struggle just to survive.

The mill where Duffy was found may move some viewers to tears. This is one of the filthiest and dirtiest homes we have ever seen and it is certainly not fit for animals to live in. Duffy was experiencing some severe neglect and it is hard to imagine just how terrible his life was before the rescuers showed up.
When the cavalry finally arrived, Duffy wanted to go with them, but his legs would not cooperate. The poor pup was treated so poorly, he had lost his ability to walk. His attempts to hobble towards the rescue team are a heartbreaking reminder of the physical toll that puppy mills place on their residents, which are treated as mere inventory.

Duffy eventually had to be lifted up and carried out. His fur was matted down and filthy from lack of proper care. It was clear to see that Duffy needed help and fortunately for him, he was given a well deserved second chance at life.

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He was given food, water, shelter and love. However, none of Duffy’s rescuers were sure that he would ever be able to walk again. Even his continued survival was far from certain. Thanks to their efforts, Duffy not only survived his ordeal, but continued to thrive. He is now able to walk and lead a normal life and he definitely owes his rescuers a debt of gratitude.

Duffy even found a new home, where he is loved and cared for. He is surrounded by family who make sure that his every need is attended to and he will never have to worry about falling into the same sort of disrepair that he did at the puppy mill. Everyone deserves a second chance and Duffy’s transformation is certainly stunning. To fully enjoy the story of Duffy, take a moment out of your busy schedule to watch this heartwarming video.

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