When You See Why This Kitten Is Stealing Everyone’s Hearts…WOW!


Animals are not always born with the same characteristics as their brethren, but that does not stop these unique creatures from carving out a normal existence for themselves. They remain endearing to all those who cross paths with them, whether they have special markings on their fur or a physical trait that differs from the norm.


Strange pets often go viral and lead to phenomenon like Grumpy Cat. Just wait until you see this kitten’s gaze, though!


Bum the kitten arrived at a shelter one day and he had some of the saddest eyes that you will ever see in your life.


This kitten was all of four weeks old when he was first brought in, along with the rest of his siblings. While he is cross eyed and looks to be constantly fretting about something, he is one of the happiest kittens in the world, by all accounts.


The shelter workers who were responsible for Bum’s care said that while he was somewhat reticent at first, he was a very sweet kitten, once he got the chance to get to know you better.

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Not only is he great with people, but he is also wonderful with the other cats. He provided additional assistance to his fellow shelter cats during their rehabilitation process and now that he has found a foster home, he is helping to care for his siblings, too. This great little guy is happy to be of assistance!


Best of all, his vision does not serve as an impairment to his health at all. Bum has no difficulties and is able to play and enjoy the company of his brothers and sisters without any complications.


Unlike some cats, who are known to act rude and prissy when they do not get their way, Bum is polite and respectful. If he’s hungry for some breakfast, he calmly paws at his bowl until it is filled.


He doesn’t look like the other cats, but this has not been a problem for him. His unique look has provided him with added notoriety and Bum refuses to let that fame go to his head. He is still a kind, loving, gentle cat.


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