When You See Why This Dog Was Sitting In The Same Spot For 10 Hours…Heartbreaking


When it comes to loyalty, you will be hard pressed to find any creature on the planet who is more dedicated than a dog. Dogs have a stronger memory than they are given credit for and they have been known to sit in the same place for hours at a time, waiting for a precious loved one to return to them.


The dog in this story decided to sit in the same spot for a whopping ten hours and when you realize why he made this decision, you are going to be torn between wanting to cry and wanting to hold and squeeze him tightly. It is hard to believe that one dog could be this loyal.

A dog’s loyalty knows no bounds, as they have the patience to sit in the same area for hours, days, weeks and even years. This story is bound to touch your heart, especially if you are someone who has a dog to call their own.


This dog is named Blackie and Blackie resides in Hong Kong, in a city known as Yuen Long. Blackie was enjoying a moment of playtime with a buddy from the street at around 4 p.m. one afternoon. At this moment, disaster struck and Blackie’s pal was hit by an oncoming car, dying instantly.


Blackie’s hurt and pain knew no bounds. He was devastated by the loss of his playmate and did not know what to do with himself. He spent ten hours sitting with his old friend’s lifeless body, waiting and wishing for him to come back. He remained in the middle of the road with his friend and kept him protected from additional cars.


Finally, a kind motorist looked out for Blackie, by pulling his deceased friend’s body onto a sidewalk. This allowed Blackie to continue guarding his pal, while remaining safe from oncoming traffic himself.


Blackie did not leave his friend’s side once over a ten hour period. At 2 AM, Mr. Li, a local resident, intervened. He called animal control workers to provide Blackie’s friend with a proper send off. Even after his friend’s body was cleared away, Blackie remained on the scene for an extra three hours, almost as if he was communicating with his spirit.

Motorists, beware. You never know when the smallest decision could affect the lives of others.

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