When You See Whom The Horses Are Pulling, Your Heart Will Melt To Pieces.


Make-A-Wish has been known for a long time now for doing amazing things for kids who have been diagnosed with a life threatening illness. The Foundation aims to give kids a piece of their childhood and to have a special memory of the best day of their lives. This nine-year-old child had a wish to meet a star and he got even more than he asked for.

Alex, a 9-year-old boy, signed up with the Make-A-Wish foundation not long ago. The boy has had a love of horses ever since he was just 2 years old, so he wanted to meet the renowned Budweiser Clydesdales for his wish.

Alex got to do more than that; he was taken to a carriage and his father helped him up the carriage to join a Dalmatian and two conductors on the carriage. The men made sure that he was safely tucked between both of them and they prepared for the grand entrance into the stadium. When they were ready to move, the conductors signaled the horses and they began moving slowly towards the entry of the baseball stadium. The horses began to enter the stadium, and when they entered, the crowd started to scream in excitement.

The little boy decided to enjoy the moment to the fullest as he raised his hands and began to wave at the crowd. There were cameras and people taking photos of the little boy in his carriage and the horses began to circle the stadium so that everyone can get a look at him while he waved at them. The horses kept going around to meet the star who was on the other end of the stadium. Spectators sang and clapped as they passed them. The little boy did not stop waving until the horse left the arena. From the look on Alex’s face, it was clear that he had gotten his wish and a little extra than what he wished for. He wasn’t shy when he entered the baseball stadium, and he immediately got up to meet his new fans.
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The horses pulled the little boy on a carriage through the baseball field, and he got to wave everyone while they scream and sing as he passed. The boy truly got the best wish he could ever ask for.

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