When You See Who This Wolf Is Playing With, Your Heart Will Melt To The Floor


When you think about wolves your first thoughts are not cuddly or cute. Beautiful, yes, majestic and strong, absolutely. Wolves are not a force to be reckoned with and are usually on the top of the list of many wild animals to keep your domesticated babies away from, so when you see this video you will turn into a puddle.

Charlie is a 10 week old German Shepherd puppy who made a unique friend with an unexpected ancestor. Puppies are tiny and cute, so when they make friends with anyone it is adorable, but Charlie has made friends with a wolf and it will make your heart melt watching them play.
That’s right, a wolf. You don’t think of puppies playing with wolves, that sounds insane. This wolf, however, seemed to be playful rather than predatorial and decided he wanted a new friend outside of his own wild pack. The cuteness is overwhelming and it’s all very unique and you’ll be glad you watched.

Everyone loves puppies, and everyone loves watching puppies play. This video gives you all of that and an entirely new experience with Charlie’s wolven friend. Animals are incredibly similar to humans the way they can be friends with anyone regardless of the way nature says it is intended. Puppies are also similar to human babies in the way they love anything unconditionally.

Charlie will make you happy, and make you feel that you can be friends with whoever you want, even against the odds. This wolf will also make you feel like you can defeat the odds, and make you see wolves differently altogether. Animals are great, right?

Now you can associate cute and cuddly with wolves! Adorable, goofy wolves who befriend puppies. All this sounds a little better than being deathly afraid of the magnificent creatures. Dogs are descendants of wolves and maybe these two knew that and decided to befriend each other because of it.
[fvplayer src=”http://youtube.com/watch?v=YEUS6Z0wWew”]
When you see this video it will make your heart skip a beat and make you wish you had a puppy and a wolf pack of your own to make adorable videos of. Maybe change your opinion on who your critters can befriend, and how you feel about their larger ancestors. Charlie has no fear of his friend and he’s just a little baby. Maybe his friend feels a parental need to care for Charlie, but whatever the reason it’s absolutely the cutest thing ever. Try not to be scared, because Charlie sure isn’t!

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