When You See What This Puppy Has Survived, You’ll Believe In Miracles!


Puppies are some of the most playful and friendly pets that you can have in your home to keep you and your family entertained. Audrey, a tiny and beautiful puppy, was taken to Fulton County Animal Services Center with a severe hernia that covered its entire belly.

Everyone in the facility was left dumb folded and thought that she would eventually die from the condition. None of them had ever treated a puppy with such a large hernia before despite the fact that the facility has been operating for many years now.

Image Credit: Second Chance Rescue

One of the main challenges that the personnel had to find a solution to was the fact that she weighed less than 3 pounds. They had to come up with a way of treating her without compromising her health condition further.


A report that was provided by Second Chance Rescue, NYC indicated that Audrey had fallen out off a patio on the second floor. They too thought that he had slim chances of surviving and the only solution was to undergo surgery. After being sheltered in the facility for a few weeks, the puppy started to heal naturally. This is a definite proof that miracles still do happen in the 21st century; you just need to be keen to notice them.


According to an update from one of the personnel at Second Chance Rescue, Kelcy Kimmerer, Audrey is doing fine and most of the bruises that she sustained from the accident have started to heal. More importantly, she is already recovering well from the hernia and will soon be leaving the facility as fit and healthy as a horse

However, the crew has pointed out that Audrey will remain in the facility, Second Chance Rescue New York, after the surgery. This will help her to get professional and unlimited medical attention from the personnel as she continues to recover. Based on her current health status, there is a high chance that she will recover fully very soon.


Surgery and your prayers are needed to help her fully recover and continue been a blessing to his family and the world as a whole. Do not be fooled by her small size and naive look, this puppy is adamant and is not ready to give up yet.
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