When You See What They Come Up With To Free This Big Fella… Wow!


Wow. This is the first thing you’re going to say when you watch this rescue effort that takes place out on Loon Lake. The animal rescue department got a call and immediately went out to the lake near Spokane, Washington where it was reported that a moose had fallen through the ice.

The rescuers arrived on the scene and have to be very careful not to weaken the ice because they didn’t want a large-scale cold-weather rescue taking place. They first began by trying to nudge the moose with an oar, hoping that it was enough to get him to simply climb his way out.

Then, rescuers used sledgehammers, chainsaws, and other tools as a way of freeing the moose. It took hours to perform the rescue, and the whole time, the moose did not put up a fight. This is perhaps the most astonishing part of the whole thing because many people expected the moose to try and fight, causing the rescue mission to become increasingly more difficult.

After a few hours, the moose was able to climb his way out, and the rescuers helped him to get away from the hole so that he did not call back in. Now that the moose is standing on the ice, everyone can see exactly why it was so difficult to get the moose out of the water from the beginning – and you are going to have to watch the video in order to discover this for yourself.

It isn’t every day walks across the frozen lake and get stuck – and it certainly not every day that someone witnesses it and call for help. Thank goodness that there were rescue teams ready to help out and get this incredible animal out of harm’s way.

The moose was able to walk across the ice after the rescue, giving himself a good shake to get some of the ice cold water off of himself. You can also listen as the rescue people make sure that the moose doesn’t walk in the same direction so that he gets back on to the land safely.
[fvplayer src=”http://youtube.com/watch?v=YNG7_aAhyY4″]
This video is only about one minute and 30 seconds long, and it is worth watching to see just how big a moose is, and how the rescue team works to get him out of the ice.

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