When You See What Happened To This Police Dog, You’re Going To Cry


Police dogs are injured in the line of duty just like human policemen. Bruno, a German shepherd, was shot in the face while chasing a suspect with his partner and lifelong companion Officer R. J. Young. Although wounded and bleeding, Bruno made it back to his partner in an attempt to warn him of the potential danger that was ahead.

Young and his fellow officers rushed their wounded companion to veterinarians that specialize in police dog treatment. The bullet that broke Bruno’s jaw had lodged in his lung and threatened the dog’s life. Skill, patience, and time have brought Bruno to the point that he is on the mend but not quite ready to leave the hospital.

Officer Young plans to adopt Bruno when he is released from the hospital. Bruno is not capable of returning to police duty but the bond that Young and Bruno formed during years of service together is so strong that Young decided to pay the medical bills for his very special friend.

No greater love hath any man than this; that he would lay down his life for a friend. The same goes for dogs. Dog owners often do not realize how willing their animals are to sacrifice themselves to protect the person that they love.

Bruno is definitely a hero and his human police companions are supporting him as a candidate for an award for heroism.

This video is one of the most poignant and moving examples of the bond of love and devotion that forms between man and dog. Young regards Bruno as much more than just a dog. The feelings are reflected in what Young’s wife has to say about the relationship between the dog and the policeman.

Young displays all the emotions that a person would experience if another person had been wounded like Bruno. The joy at his friend’s recovery is clearly evident. The man really does not have a friend like his dog.

Share this video as an example of what love means between men and dogs. Share the video as an example of how far a dog will go in showing their love for you. This is a heartwarming and triumphant story that needs to be told.

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