When You Read Why This Man Sued The Airlines, You’re Not Going To Believe It


Corey Knowlton paid big money to murder the endangered black rhino, known as Ronnie, as part of a Safari this year. The hunter had won an award for best Safari in 2014 and went to Namibia in 2015 to bathe his hands in more blood.

One Harvard law student compares Knowlton to Walter Palmer, a comparison that is both true and well deserved. Both of these men choose to pay to kill these endangered animals. Delta airlines wanted no part of this disgusting act, and the ‘plaintiff’ in this ridiculous law suit feels is now pulling the victim card, out of thin air.


But Corey Knowlton is no magician, and he definitely doesn’t deserve any money for not having an airline take part in his cold-hearted act of murder. Knowlton claims he paid good money for the seat, a whopping $350,000, and that Delta owes him for not allowing him to bring the dead body of an endangered animal on board with him.


Knowlton was accompanied by a CNN camera crew on his journey to Namibia to kill the rhino this year. After murdering the last known rhino of this species, he told CNN that in his mind, what he did benefited the rhino and that he will continue to believe that until the day he dies. So, this man believes that killing the last known rhino if its species benefited it in some twisted, sociopathic way.


Murder for profit, and transportation of animal ‘trophies’ is being brought to the media’s attention in a major way, and airlines are responding by implementing new laws, making it illegal to bring any murder ‘trophies’ on board. But the men and women who pay to feed their insatiable hunger to murder animals in their home in the wild are pouting and throwing adult temper tantrums, saying things like ‘why me?’ and throwing around ridiculous lawsuits, pointing undeserved fingers.



Men like Corey Knowlton need stop acting like they are the victims in cases where they are clearly known predators and look towards the real issue – by looking in a mirror. Go Delta airlines! Hopefully all of the rest will follow suit and send these animal killers a message – we don’t want anything to do with this, and neither should you! Share this video to show the world killing endangered animals is wrong!

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