When You Hear What This Parrot Has To Say, You Won’t Be Able To Stop Laughing…!


Parrots are known to be one of the most intelligent kinds of birds but this parrot takes it to a whole new level. The name of this wonderful parrot is “Einstein”. I guess he must have been named after the world famous scientist – Albert Einstein due to his rare intelligence. Really, words cannot describe the level of intelligence exhibited by Einstein but I will give you a tip.

Einstein was brought from Knoxville zoo. At the beginning of the show, Stephanie (Einstein’s handler) asked him to introduce himself and he said “Einstein” in a very clear voice. Einstein responded to every question from his handler with so much apt and intelligence and the audience was held spellbound. During the brief performance, his handler kept feeding Einstein with nuts, one at a time at a regular interval. Einstein would take it, crack the nut and eat it without interrupting their conversation

A couple of times when the nut was not well positioned in his mouth, Einstein would re-position it with one of his legs. Einstein handled each of the nuts so well that none of them dropped to the ground. Even human beings cannot handle those nuts better than that.

At some point in the video clip, Einstein imitated the voices of an owl, a penguin, a cat and that of other birds on the request of his handler. During the performance, Einstein was asked to wish someone a happy birthday, and he sang “Happy birthday to you” with so much clarity and the audience was amazed. The people watching were not the only ones amazed. I was amazed too. Am sure you will be amazed too. The act was repeated twice after the first time.

Really, it is difficult to put all what happened in words. You need to watch this video and see this awesome parrot for yourself. It is an interesting video clip. I kept watching it over and over again.

Towards the end of the show, Einstein was asked what he had to say to all his animal friends and he simply said “we love you”. Amazing, isn’t it? In the video, Stephanie enjoined everyone to help protect animals because… she now took the microphone to Einstein and he finished the statement with the words… “we are special”.

What an interesting clip. Please watch it and don’t forget to share it.
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