When you find out why this dog wouldn’t leave the dessert, your heart will explode


Dogs are well-known for their loyalty. They are the best animals anyone could ever ask for. IF you are wondering what makes dogs so special, let me tell you a few things. Dogs are the best companions one could ever ask for because of the following reasons:
1- Dogs are very loyal to their family!
2- They have the power to change our life for good just with their presence
3- They never abandon their loved ones
4- Dogs can improve our lifestyle, making us healthier, and more active
5- Dogs can give us unconditional love, asking nothing in return

The following video will make you believe all I said above. The thing is that a stray dog was living in the dessert for almost two months, and the locals could not understand why. They tried to approach the dog a few times, but the dog never allowed them to. So what they did was calling No Kill Kern organization to take care of the stray dog. No Kill Kern sent a rescue team to see what was happening, and to rescue the stray dog that was living in the middle of the dessert for some unknown reasons.

When the rescue team got into the area where the locals had seen the dog, they could not locate it. They had to stay at the dessert for three days because once they saw the dog, it would not allow them to get closer. Since the rescue team had to get the dog, they had to wait for it to calm down and let them approach. The reason why this dog wouldn’t leave the dessert is really heartbreaking. The dog did not want to leave because his dead friend’s body was laying in the field where the dog was “living.” It is really heartbreaking, yet amazing to hear that the dog was still loyal to his buddy. The video below will show you how everything goes on!

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