When This Horse Takes Off Running, Keep Your Eyes On Her Feet. Did I Just See That?


In this video, a stunning horse showcases to us what being beautiful, graceful and majestic means. This lovely black Arabian foal only 32 months of age practically dances as she trots. It is as though she glides and you can’t stop staring in admiration and awe while watching what she does.

This beautiful pure breed according to her owners is a natural ballerina and when you watch her trot, you realize why she has been called that. It may sound strange and somewhat unbelievable until you actually see the video footage. What is more amazing is that according to the owners, she trots this way naturally without the use of baddies or whips to force her to do so. It is indeed a special talent that needs to be showcased.
Arabian horses are a truly unique horse breed. One of the oldest breeds ever as they have existed for over 4,500 years, Arabian horses are so beautiful and elegant as seen in this video. The Arabian horse can be crossed with many other breeds this is because of the many desired characteristics and its pure or strong bloodline.

With a unique skeleton structure, the pure Arabian horse like this one here is easy to differentiate from other types of horses. Arabian horses are known to be people oriented and have a loving disposition which makes them have a close affinity to man. They are intelligent and cooperative, willing to please and fast to learn, they are regarded as man’s best friend.

Known for their endurance, the Arabian horses have been mounted and ridden by notable historical figures like George Washington and Alexander the great. Little wonder that the Arabian horse is a favorite of the Americans.

Full of energy, Arabian horses with their high tail carriage and floating gaits can dance (indeed they can), and that is why we believe our beauty here can compete with other ballerinas with her gliding movements.

This video is indeed a must see, be assured that you have never seen anything as beautiful as this. She truly is a wonderful dancer with great rhythm and she knows it from her gait and the way she holds her tail.
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