When This Golden Is Told To “Clean The House” She Does The Incredible!


Dogs are often compared to furry children and for good reason. They have an innate ability to hear you open a bag of potato chips from the other side of the house, but cannot seem to hear their own name when it is being called. They are mischievous creatures who do not care for cleaning up after themselves and their parents typically have their hands full trying to make them do so.

Another way that dogs can be compared to children is through their affinity for various toys. Not only do both dogs and children love playing with their toys, but they share almost no desire to put them back once they are done. Any parent who has tried to cajole their child into cleaning up after themselves can certainly relate to this unique corollary.

We are all used to the idea that small children and little puppies do not have the ability to clean up after themselves, but what if a video came along that turned that common perception on its ear? A lot more dogs and children would be forced to tidy up their messes, that’s for sure!

While most would consider the chances of watching a dog actually clean up after itself to be slim to none at best, you are about to meet a Golden Retriever named Grace who is out to destroy this stereotype and bring a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘can’t teach an old dog new tricks’.

Grace is given a direct order by her owner to clean up the house. Most would expect Grace to lie down, pretend she didn’t hear what she was being told and wait for someone else to do it. But Grace is definitely not an ordinary dog. She immediately takes off sprinting, heading for the first toy she sees. Grace even picks up the toy herself and drops it right into the basket.

If you thought that this was an aberration, she heads for another toy, picking it up and putting it away just as quickly. We do not know where she gets all of this energy, but we are certainly jealous. Do you think it would be possible for this family to lend her to us for a weekend?

This amazing video serves as proof that anything is possible. This smart, adorable pup serves as a shining example to all of the dirty dogs out there. Please share this clip with your friends and loved ones.

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