When This Cat’s Best Friend Died Of Cancer, Her Reaction Broke Everyone’s Hearts


You may have heard a thing or two about friendship across species. The most accepted kind of this is the one between dog and man – with the latter often described as man’s best friend. This story is one of friendship across species too; one between a cat and a dog.


Scout the cat met Charlie the dog when she was only 5.5 weeks old and since then they both formed quite the bond.


Their friendship had all the essentials – and a little extra. They did a lot of things together, including eating; scout could be seen whispering in Charlie’s ear as they ate (or she could just be sniffing his ear). But in everything they did, it was very obvious that they were an extremely adorable duo.


These jolly friends went everywhere together, scout never wanted to see Charlie get out of her sight and she was perpetually around him; always cuddling up on his body whenever she wanted to sleep – she couldn’t sleep without doing this. Charlie always let her do whatever she wanted, and by so doing kept her happy. It was obvious they loved each other.


But like most beautiful friendships, theirs also had a very saddening and heart breaking ending; cancer got the better of Charlie and one half of this loving pair was gone just like that.


No one felt the pain more than scout of course and the impact of it could be seen all over her. She had lost her friend, playmate, eating partner and oversized cuddle buddy, that wasn’t going to be an easy one to bear.


Her family felt what she was feeling and tried to make it easier on her by putting an iPad on Charlie’s bed and playing videos of him on it for scout to watch. She does watch the videos and what happens after is perhaps more heart breaking than the original tragedy.


She laid down and curled up next to the iPad like she used to do with Charlie. On the screen of the iPad was a picture of her late friend and she missed him so much she wanted to have of feel of him once again.


Their friendship, despite its sad ending teaches everyone a valuable lesson; a lesson which is very important in our day. If a friendship this true and beautiful can exist across species, why can it not exist between humans.


Rest in peace Charlie.


These two best friends have just set an example for the world to follow. Rest In Peace Charlie. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends…

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