When This 3 Year Old Steps On Stage With His Violin, He Gives A Performance No One Saw Coming!


This video is about The performance of a three year old at a level that is beyond the ability of the majority of adult professional violinists is truly remarkable. The little boy acts like this is just an everyday affair to him. He has to be encouraged by the orchestra leader to take a bow for this stunning performance.
The audience reaction makes this video. They are not just stunned by this child’s ability they are flabbergasted. The audience cannot wait for the end of this relatively short piece to applaud the performance. The audience begins to stand and applaud even before the little boy is done playing.

This video has a lot going for it. The performance of a pretty difficult violin piece of music by a three year old child is totally outrageous. The reaction of the orchestra leader and the members of the orchestra just cannot be planned. They are stunned.

The audience has been prepped to see something spectacular but they just cannot believe this. A three year old plays like a pro.

The little boy receives the salute from the audience that he deserves. Natural ability and practice are rewarded. Hopefully, this young (very young) man will go on to be one of the premiere violinists of the century. He demonstrates the talent.


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