When They Took The Stage, I Couldn’t Keep My Eyes Off Her Dress.


amazingThis is a video of the semifinal performance of Soul Mystique on Australia’s Got Talent in 2012. The act is an amazing display of quick change dress artistry combined with a world class dance performance.
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The husband and wife team are sensational in this rarely practiced and highly complex form of magic. The couple has been seen in Europe, Australia, and the United States since 1996. They promise that the act will get even better at the end of their performance on Australia’s Got Talent and their bookings across the world in clubs and on television substantiate that claim.

The panel of judge’s reactions and the audience approval is described in one word, stunned. They all know it is a trick but it happens so fast and is done so skillfully that they just cannot figure out how it is done.

Lydia designs the costumes and Gavin does the prop management.

Basically the idea is simple. The couple dance and during the dance they hide behind various props and reappear in completely different costumes. The change of clothes happens in just a few seconds.

One of the most often used props is a circular piece of cloth that either performer hides inside and emerges from in a new and completely different colored costume. Sometimes the new outfit is the same color as the prop. That might be a hint about how the transformation is accomplished.

One of the neatest tricks is the man hiding behind a panel that shows several different outfits for men and photos. One photo is a newspaper and the man comes out from behind the screen in a newspaper designed suit. The next little sequence adds some humor to the act when the lady opts for a woman’s outfit for the man and he comes out hairy legs and all in a dress.

The Soul Mystique website has a few articles you can buy that give you a hint about how some of the clothes changes are accomplished. The articles are scarves with a complete twist around the neck but different colors on each side. Obviously, you pop the scarf off and turn it over to get a new look.

The rest of the act is not so easy to decipher. Speed is a fascinating part of the act. The couple does at least a dozen costume changes in a matter of a few minutes. If you look closely the width of the performers does not change a great deal indicating that they are not wearing all the clothes at the beginning of the act. This fact is also indicated by the athletic dance moves the pair make throughout the show. The dancing would be impossible wearing multiple layers of clothes and the lady’s abbreviated outfits just could not hide much.

Soul Mystique has gained popularity and acquired a fan base across the world because the act combines truly professional dance with a rare type of magic. Soul Mystique is not good at this they are great. The whole act may be just a few minutes but it brings people out of their seats across the world. You just cannot see something like this anywhere. The act shows a lot of talent, an infinite amount of practice, and a high energy desire to amaze.

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