When They Scanned This Dog’s Microchip, They Discovered Something Horrifying


Many dogs have chips implanted in them as a way of telling people who they belong to. This way, if a dog runs away, they know where the owner is and can track them down.

There is a gorgeous husky at one shelter, the Seal Beach Animal Care Center, and he was rescued after being found on the side of the road. He was in need of a forever home, and the care center decided to scan the microchip.

At first, it didn’t, that he was registered to anyone. However, the call to find out who he was sold to, especially since he was a purebred. That is when they found out the most horrifying thing. This dog had been sold to a laboratory – a lab that has the reputation of doing some pretty nasty testing to animals.

It is unknown as to what kind of tests this dog had gone through. Most likely, it was a nightmare.

Often, labs will ditch dogs if they don’t have the emotional strength in order to undergo all of the testing. This is likely the case for this husky, who was later named Nate during his rescue.

Many dogs that go through labs are psychologically disturbed and it makes it difficult for them to be placed into forever homes. Luckily, this was not the case for Nate.

The video is a truly heartwarming story and the woman from the care center talks about how he won over every single volunteer. He loves to play and he is a sweetheart of a dog. He spent about four months at the center and they were able to get him into a foster home.

The family who has him now is making sure he gets the love that he needs. This light blue eyed husky is a good dog and has a whole lot of energy. He doesn’t seem to be bothered by any of the testing that he was subjected to, which is a great thing.
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Here’s the even greater thing – he’s available to go into a forever home. All you have to do is ask about Nate by emailing info@BeagleFreedomProject.org.

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