When They Reunited a Grieving Mom with Her Lost Babies, Her Reaction Had Me Grabbing For Tissues


Aaha Attie, a tiny little Shih Tzu, was abandoned during labor and left at an animal shelter in Los Angeles. After being left in the shelter to suffer, Asha Attie was in a bad place and it was uncertain whether she would be able to survive. Her fur had become infested with fleas and was all matted down, due to excessive neglect. Luckily for Asha, a team was ready, willing and able to rescue her from her misery and get her started on the road to recovery. They were able to rescue this cute little dog from the terrible life that she was being forced to lead.

Her hair had been matted so badly, she was not even able to feed her pups after they had been born. The fur’s poor condition blocked them from getting close to their mother to receive food. However, even stories that start off this badly can still have the happiest of endings.

After Asha Attie’s puppies had been born, the Bill Foundation received an urgent telephone call from a person who asked them if they were willing to rescue this Shih Tzu and her puppies. Wasting no time, the Bill Foundation quickly handled the situation, making sure that Asha Attie was able to head to the vet’s office immediately.

The mother was taken away from her puppies, so that her matted fur could finally be taken care of. With the proper grooming, Asha Attie was able to feed her pups, at long last. Her fur was in such poor condition, it took the team of groomers 90 minutes to untangle it and shave the suffering mother.

Once this mother’s grooming was completed and she had the chance to be reunited with her babies, it only took seconds for her children to huddle around her and begin to receive the nourishment that they so desperately needed. The mother’s emotion is easy for the viewer of this clip to see and she is clearly beyond excited to have been reunited with her children.

Her eagerness to provide her children with the things they need most to live a happy life shines through and any parent can certainly relate to what this mother is feeling. All she needed was a little tender loving care of her own in order to get back to the mother that she needed to be.

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