When The Peppermint Patty Goes Missing, Who Is There To Blame?!


Once upon a time, there was a far-off home. It was a regular, happy home, where dwelt a regular, happy family. Although the family was happy, there was, as with any regular family, trouble among them. There was one member of this family—one with a dazzling, but guilt-ridden smile, one who sneezed with remorse—who was a compulsive thief.

The shame this family member felt each time she was caught stealing was genuine, yet the impulse to take from others was not to be stopped.

This thief did not stop with simply taking the possessions others and claiming them for herself. No, it got much worse than that. This thief took from her family, and then ate what did not belong to her!

Last week, it was crayons. That is correct. Last week, the thief stole a whole rainbow of crayons and devoured them greedily—wax, paper, ROY G. BIV, and all.

Later, the thief snuck into Mom’s pocket book. That’s right, her pocket book! What did the thief take? Money? Credit cards? Identification?

Oh, no. She took something of far greater value than any of those things. This thief went straight for the candy bar. The remains of the candy bar were never found.

Did the thieving stop there? Alas, it did not.

After that, the thief made off with a red delicious apple from Dad’s bag. Does this thief work full time? No. Does this thief need a snack to bring to work? No. Dad does both of those things though. He works full time, and he needs a snack to bring along with him. Nevertheless, the thief heartlessly removed the apple from Dad’s bag and gobbled it down ravenously, right down to the core and the seeds, leaving Dad snackless as he went to work.

All of that happened last week. This week? This week’s treachery is the most serious of all. This week, it was not Mom or Dad from whom the thief stole. It was not crayons that she wolfed down voraciously.

This week, she stole the prized possessions of an innocent, seven-year-old girl. This week, she stole from Sarah. The treasure that she stole was of such immeasurable value, her father speculated that Sarah’s health would be at risk when she learned of its demise.

That’s right, the thief made off with none other than Sarah’s precious peppermint patties.

Does the thief get away with it?

You had better believe she doesn’t! Watch as Dad lures the thief out into the open and gives her the lecture of the century. Is that real remorse, or is the thief’s smile designed to mislead? Do her sneezes expose the thief’s true remorse, or are they more like victorious sneering?

Watch the video and decide for yourself!

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