When Soldiers Saw A Dog Doing This, They Decided To Do Something AMAZING


The majority of the stories that we read about the war in Afghanistan are sad and painful. But it is our great pleasure to provide you with a heartwarming tale from the front lines for a change. When a group of brave American soldiers were stationed at a remote base overseas, they found a stray dog, who would later give birth to some puppies.

They decided to adopt her and make her one of their own. Once she gave birth to her litter, they adopted them, as well. The mother dog even went out on patrols with them each night and she would dutifully wait for them to return safely.


The soldiers named her Sheba and when she gave birth, they knew that she would need help to keep her and her children alive. The puppies were very hungry, but Sheba was too malnourished to reliably provide them with the food that they needed to survive.

Selflessly, the soldiers shared their rations with Sheba and the puppies and even bathed and swaddled them. The compassion that this group of soldiers showed to Sheba and her pups is beyond comprehension. They placed their own rations in jeopardy, just to help a stray dog stay alive.

Sergeant Edwin Caba made a vow: he would not leave Afghanistan without these dogs. He loved them like they were his own and he could not imagine his life without Sheba and her puppies. Once the puppies began to develop their own little personalities, he was hopelessly smitten and you can tell from his smile just how much these dogs mean to him.

Caba spoke to Guardians of Rescue, a group in New York that rescues animals. They received the necessary donations to fund an 8,000 mile journey for the dogs. When the dogs finally made their way into the JFK airport terminal, they were given a hero’s welcome. This is one of the most heartwarming reunions that we have ever witnessed.

The dogs remembered their old friends and the smiles that they have put onto the faces of these soldiers are priceless. This video deserves to be seen in its full entirety, as the soldiers have lived up to the promise that they made to their canine companions.

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