When She Sings ‘I Will Always Love You’ This Judge Repeatedly Slams His Button


Laura Kamhuber is thirteen years old, and she is a very talented singer! When she auditioned for The Voice Kids Germany, she sang the song “I Will Always Love You”, a song made famous by Whitney Houston. The judges bashed on the song until the very end, and she was invited by Henning Wehland, invited her to sit on Tim Bendzko’s chair. She was told that the song was unsingable and she wasn’t supposed to sing it. The judges of the show were competing for her attention, but her final decision was that the girls should stick together, and she picked Lena Meyer-Landrut as a coach. She ended up not making it all the way, but she is still extremely talented.
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At the beginning of the video, she starts singing, and the audience cheers. Two loud thud sounds are heard. Her beautiful voice is complimented by a piano! Her voice begins to have a hint of Britney Spears’s style as the song progresses. As the key changes from A to B, the audience cheers even louder, and the thud sound gets even faster. By the end of the song, everybody was cheering! It was an epic history in the moment of music contests. More epic than the Swon Brothers on The Voice; more excitement than Carrie Underwood on American Idol; more audience reaction than Jim of Seattle on Song Fight. This was The Voice Kids in Germany, and Laura got a reaction that’s hard to believe!

Laura had a voice that was as good, if not better, than Whitney Houston herself had! She had already gotten the audience’s full attention after singing the first couple of syllables! At times, the song diverted a little bit from the Whitney Houston version, but this could simply be because there is only so much time for an audition. Plus, even if you had as much time as that song takes up, you don’t want to be an exact copycat. Her song was beyond belief! No wonder the audience was so captivated! Why anybody would call the song unsingable is a question we will ponder for a very long time, for it is a song with more power in it than pop songs today.

Throughout the history of television, and especially the past twenty years, singing contests have had the attention of hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide. Fox’s American Idol and NBC’s The Voice are only two very popular examples. There are talent contests all over the world, and every contest has their great singers. Laura was a true diva of The Voice Kids contest in Germany, and all of us music fans hope that she has a successful musical career and platinum-selling albums in the future. Good luck, Laura!

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