When She Said She Was Cooking Lemons For 10 Minutes, I Thought She Was Crazy. But The Result? WOW!


Almost everyone loves to heat stuff up in the microwave. Everything from apple pie to left over zucchini lasagna. The microwave is one of the most used inventions for the kitchen since the toaster oven. The downside to using the microwave is the mess that ends up in it. That tomato sauce just can’t wait to splatter itself all over the nice white inside of the microwave. The bacon you heated up popped grease into every nook, cranny and vent hole in there. Now you have a mess that is a pain in the (fill in your favorite word) to clean up. The other disadvantage to cleaning the microwave is the tiny little vent holes in the sides. Once stuff splashes up in there, it is time consuming and difficult to get it out.

Using the conventional stuff you can get at the store, while it does clean, is filled with chemicals that most of us can’t say let alone spell. Those of us who are concerned with what we clean our home with and what chemicals we bring into it will not want to use these products. There are all natural cleaners out there but they can be very expensive.

Now let’s get back to the question asked at the beginning of the article. What happens when you cook lemons in your microwave for ten minutes? Answer: you can get a really clean and sanitized microwave. Sounds kind a weird, but this is a cleaning hack you will love.

You simply cut your lemon in half, place it cut side up in a microwave safe bowl with small amount of water. Cook in the microwave for ten minutes. Once the microwave is finished cooking, carefully remove the bowl and wipe down the inside of the microwave with a clean cloth or paper towel. The lemon and water have heated up to create steam and infused the inside with the lemon’s citric acid, calcium and limonene to create a natural cleaning solution that will sanitize and deodorize the microwave.

Another advantage to this little hack is that your kitchen will fill up with the scent of lemon while it is cooking. Lemons contain a natural antibacterial agent that not only will lighten those stains from the tomato sauce splattered all over the inside of the microwave but will leave it shiny and fresh smelling.

Once you watch this video you will wonder why you ever twisted and turn yourself into knots to get that microwave clean and sanitary again.

This video shows you how to make your microwave clean and refreshing with little effort on your part.

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