When Mom Said “Say Mama,” The Dog’s Response Made The Family Burst Out In Laughter


There’s a mother with a dish of food on her lap and she wants to get her little son to say the words “mama”. The dog next to the baby is staring at the food and desperately wants some. Before long, he outshines the baby completely.

The dog is the star of the show, whimpering away. The parents are talking in the background and everyone is saying “mama”. The little boy has no interest in saying the words, though he does seem interested in the food. The dog seems a little more interested, and is determined to do what it takes.

The clip is just under 30 seconds and is absolutely priceless. The dog wants the food so bad that he does what they want the baby to do – he actually says the word “mama”. Then he says it over and over again to try and get the food. Everyone is completely shocked when the dog says it. You may not want to believe a dog can talk, but this one was encouraged by food – and he repeats himself several times just to make sure everyone has heard him.

You will want to watch this video. The little boy never does say “mama”, but the fact that the family dog has said it was even more impressive. We just don’t know if the dog was actually awarded with any of the food that is on that fork.

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